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The world as we know it is place with more suffering, sorrow, and hardship than ever previously known to human-kind. History informs us the many revolutions, reforms, and rebellions across our nations have failed to sustain global peace and prosperity. These are unknown times. Our minds our no longer ours and we exist to serve others in the hope we will survive our own existence the best we can. This is not the era of truthful ideals where humanity allows intrinsic goodness to rule supreme. It is the era to 'survive' immoral systems and beliefs, an age to turn to spiritual guidance and to prepare ourselves and the world for divinity to intervene. Lord Hanuman is the gatekeeper of Lord Vishnu - where he presides, our transformation to a society devoid of negative energies and forces - is repetitively proven to be the inevitable truth. This site calls upon all followers of Lord Hanuman, to unify.



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