Om Hanumate Namah – ॐ हनुमते नम

The following Frequently Asked Questions are answered to help the visitor better understand HANUMANSENA:

Q1) What are the goals and objectives of the HANUMANSENA?

A1) The HANUMANSENA is governed and prompted by the Laws of Dharma. In it’s most generic sense, the HANUMANSENA is a spiritual network aiming to bring together (or unify) all devotees of Lord Hanuman for the purpose of self-less devotion (Bhakti). Visit the Mission page to better understand the objectives of the HANUMANSENA.

Q2) Is the HANUMANSENA a real army?

A2) No. HANUMANSENA is not a functional or operational army but merely adopts an organisational structure similar to an army-like organisation, except with a much ‘flatter’ hierarchy. The HANUMANSENA does not aim to be an organisation with complex goals or strategies, nor does it maintain a constitution or a set of policies such as a body or institution may.

Q3) Does HANUMANSENA have a membership policy?

A3) Yes and no.

There is no official membership required to follow or support the HANUMANSENA. Every person who is a devotee of Lord Hanuman is considered a Member of the HANUMANSENA. There is no need to join or subscribe to anything.

A member can choose to become a Subscriber of the SENA System, primarily to promote the HANUMANSENA in their communities. Subscription involves a selection process and requires approval of the Administrator.

Q4) It may be suggested HANUMANSENA is an extremist or right-wing Hindu nationalist group from India – is this their website?

A4) No. The ‘Hanuman Sena’ group of India, linked in the media with violent or criminal activity, is not associated with the HANUMANSENA.

NOTE: The HANUMANSENA does not advocate, encourage or promote any acts of physical violence or combat, nor any acts of extremism, fascism, racism, nationalism, terrorism or any types of criminal or illegal behaviour. For clarity, the HANUMANSENA is not a member of the ‘Sangh Parivar’, and proudly maintains its status of a truly independent organisation.

Q5) Does the HANUMANSENA focus on other Hindu deities?

A5) The Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) is not a Monotheist-only belief system. Its concept of God is complex and depends upon each individual and the tradition and philosophy followed. The association between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman is a well-known one from the Ramayan text, and also forms a major basis of the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ devotional hymm (or Stotra). The HANUMANSENA, therefore, does not detach any belief systems or deities associated with Lord Hanuman, however, it does focus primarily on the spiritual, philosophical and virtuous values of Lord Hanuman.

Q6) What presence does the HANUMANSENA have?

A6) The HANUMANSENA is very much present and will continue to be so until the devotees of Lord Hanuman exist in humanity. The scale of the HANUMANSENA is unmeasured and unknown with followers from all over the world beyond the millions. The HANUMANSENA does not have a headquarters nor does it have physical site locations. Every temple, home or place where a devotee of Lord Hanuman stands, brings with it the presence of the HANUMANSENA.

Q7) How can I make contact with the HANUMANSENA?

A7) Principally, the HANUMANSENA does not have a notion of making contact with a particular person or function of the HANUMANSENA. Instead, one devotee of Lord Hanuman can only ‘unify’ with another devotee of Lord Hanuman. This unification is precisely what brings about the HANUMANSENA. There are almost endless ways to unify with other devotees therefore there is no official method of making contact. As far as making contact with the HANUMANSENA website administrator is concerned, then this can be done by visiting the UNIFY page.

Jai Bajrang!